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Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2021

Rogue iPhone App Warning

By now, most everyone understands how ingrained our smartphones have become in our lives and that includes the bad guys.

Security experts have been concerned for years about the various methods being tested by hackers to compromise smartphones.

One of the latest attack vectors is malicious apps since apps are so popular.

There have been very crafty ploys in the past that leverage apps which mimic legit companies which can provide full remote access to compromised iPhones.

These malicious apps are posted as downloads outside of the App Store which is why they can bypass the security set up by Apple.

Links to these tainted apps are posted all around the Internet or via compromised social media accounts in an attempt to fool friends that are connected.

It’s common knowledge that iPhone apps should only be downloaded via the official App Store, but the malicious tactics continue to evolve, so make absolutely sure you know where you are whenever you download an app.