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Original Air Date: Jul 14, 2021

Memory Saving Browsing Utility

Remember when you had to use the back button to visit websites that were previously opened?

The introduction of tabs in browsers changed all that and made it easy to go back and forth between multiple websites, but this comes with some baggage.

Getting carried away with the number of open tabs makes use of a lot of your working memory, which drags on your computer’s performance.

If you’re a taboholic and want some help regaining valuable memory, check out the free Chrome add-on called The Great Suspender.

It automatically suspends tabs that aren’t being actively viewed to free up needed RAM.

It will auto-reload any tab you click on, so it’s as if nothing ever happened.

If you need certain tabs to keep updating in the background, you can tell the utility not to suspend them via a whitelist.

Give it a go at: