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Original Air Date: Sep 8, 2021

Crises Smartphone Charging Tips

Our smartphones continue to improve with new features all of the time, which can often translate to higher power consumption leading to the need to recharge.

While on the road with minimal time for charging, maximizing what you do get is important.

If you can, shut the phone off while it’s charging so 100% of the current is going to the battery.

If shutting the device off isn’t possible, you can opt to place the phone in airplane mode to shut off the various wireless radios and any background app usage.

If you get separated from your charger, don’t forget that the TV in your hotel room likely has USB ports that can provide at least a trickle charge.

If you do opt for this method, make sure you turn the TV on for the power to flow out of the USB port to your smartphone.

While you’re traveling, remember that heat will impact your battery life, so avoid direct sunlight and charging while the phone is overheated.