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Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2021

Same-Day Service Platform

The pandemic has exponentially increased the value of our smartphones as more of what we need in life can be managed from them.

This includes the important tasks that we may not be to do ourselves with the now popular TaskRabbit website.

This online resource has become a single place where those that have tasks can connect with those that are willing and capable of completing those tasks.

If you have a task, you simply post the description of the work to be done along with the date of completion.

What’s really awesome about this network is that tasks that don’t require anyone to physically be in the same area as you can be completed by anyone in the world.

As the one posting the tasks, you can choose to make it a bid-based or flat rate based.

As with most online services, the task rabbits are vetted and those that use them have reviews of how they did.

This isn’t focused on residential users only as business users can hire for temporary tasks: