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Original Air Date: Oct 25, 2013

Wiping your smartphone before getting rid of it

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A thief that gains access to your e-mail account on your smartphone can get password reset messages sent to the phone from your bank in a matter of minutes.

Smartphones are loaded with lots of information that can make stealing your identity of piece of cake, so if you don’t have an access passcode setup yet, do it today.

Another thing to remember if you plan on trading in, selling or getting rid of an older smartphone is to reset the phone to wipe out your personal info.

The process of resetting the phone to the factory settings is generally achieved with just a few taps and is located in one of the Settings menus.

Another thing to remember if you have a phone that allows you to expand the memory is to remove the micro SD card before you hand the phone over to someone else.

If you want to include the micro SD card with the phone, make sure you format it first.

Removing your SIM card is another good idea as the person that ends up with your old phone will have no use for it.

If you need specific instructions for resetting your smartphone, just enter the model number followed by reset instructions in Google.