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Original Air Date: Oct 29, 2013

Upload video to all your sites at once

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Download the MP3

Video is such a great way to share those precious moments with our friends and family.

And since our smartphones have amazing high-definition capabilities, it’s really easy to capture those moments.

What isn’t so easy, is deciding which network to upload the video to: Facebook , YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter and the list goes on.

Uploading the video to all the sites just takes too much time, unless you use today’s tech tip: OneLoad

At, you will find a great tool that makes it simple to upload your video one time and have it distributed to all your video sharing and social networking sites.

Oneload is especially helpful if you are in charge of uploading videos for your company, because it has a whole host of tools that take care of converting the video to meet the specifications of each site.

Not more need to manually convert and upload videos, just use

The basic service is free with multiple pay options for commercial use so you can track which videos are being viewed on which sites and even pull old videos down all at once.