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Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2013

Change your smartphones email signatures

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You’ve probably noticed that you get a lot of e-mail messages these days that end with things like ‘Sent from my iPad’ or ‘Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S4’.

The default email signatures on your mobile devices are designed to automatically advertise for the manufacturer of your device.

They do this with the hope that you won’t bother to change it and so they get millions of free ads.

And by the number of messages that we see that have these free ads at the bottom, it’s obvious that this strategy is working for them.

Announcing that you sent the message from your mobile device can also be a security risk in some cases, so take a few minutes and update your smartphones e-mail signature today.

If you’re a business user, it’s a great way to send your contact info with each message and make people aware of your company blog or other marketing resources.

We’ve got links posted that give you step by step instructions for iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices, so you can stop being a pawn for your smartphone’s manufacturer.

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