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Original Air Date: Nov 5, 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro 2

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It’s no secret that when it comes to tablet computers, Apple’s iPad is the undisputed king, especially if your focus is on entertainment.

Microsoft came late to the tablet party, even though they introduced a Tablet PC version of Windows back in 2002.

Microsoft’s approach called Surface is designed to offer an alternative to the iPad instead of trying to compete with it and focuses more on users interested in productivity and entertainment.

The first generation of the Surface Tablets weren’t very well received and didn’t sell very well so they took what they learned and released their second generation of tablets called Surface 2.

The most interesting model is the Surface Pro 2 because it fits and interesting niche because it’s both a powerful Windows 8.1 laptop computer and a tablet in one package.

If you’re a business user that hauls an old laptop and a tablet around and you want to lighten the load, the Surface Pro 2 is worth taking a look at.