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Original Air Date: Nov 8, 2013

Critics Consensus

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When it comes to deciding on new movies, music and TV shows, respected critics can be a big help.

But how many times have you seen a movie that a critic hated, but you loved?

Unless you have the exact same tastes as your favorite critic, you really need to see what a group of them are saying to get a decent consensus.

Some sites offer ratings from various critics, but if you really want to get the wisdom of the crowds, checkout metacritic.

Metacritic distills the opinions of the most respected critics online and in print into a single number that they call a metascore.

Their proprietary algorithm uses weighted averages of the published critics so you don’t have to go clicking around to dozens of sites to see what the world is saying.

They can quickly show you the movies that are in Theaters, on DVD or coming soon and what the consensus of the critics are for each.

And It’s a great way to find new music too! Bookmark this one folks!