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Original Air Date: Nov 15, 2013

Band of the Day

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Hey the weekend is here and if you’re like us, listening to music is part of how you enjoy your leisure time.

Part of the joy of music is discovering new artists and new genres of music that keep things fresh and interesting.

You music lovers already know about discovery services like Pandora and Spotify but there’s an app that makes discovery new bands really easy.

It’s called Band of the Day and it makes it really easy for you to discover new artists because it does just what the name of the app says…introduces you to a new band every day.

Think of it as your new go-to music geek who always seems to know about the coolest new bands before anyone else.

When you find a band that you like, you can listen to songs, watch music videos, read the lyrics and get background information right from the app.

If you really want to dive into exploring new bands, you can explore the daily archives that go all the way back to late 2011.

Band of the Day is available for both iPhone and Android user and it’s absolutely free!