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Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2013

Call Popout

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Here’s a scenario that seems to be more common these days: you’re killin’ it on Candy Crush and someone calls you right when you’re in the groove.

Or, you’re in the middle of responding to an urgent e-mail and an incoming phone call disrupts your typing.

Well someone that had enough of these disruptions on his Android phone has created a great little app that will allow you to manage phone calls while staying in your current app.

Call Popout for Android is a simple app that gives you control over your phone when someone calls you out of the blue.

Let’s face it, we use our smartphone more for apps than we do for phone conversations these days, so giving priority to apps makes perfect sense.

Call Popout allows you to choose specific apps or all your apps so you have complete flexibility for when it jumps into action.

A small blue circle with a picture of the person that’s calling will appear over the top of whatever app you’re in so you can decide what you want to do.

The basic version is free and available in the Google Play Store.