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Original Air Date: Nov 27, 2013

Trello – organize anything

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If building things or orchestrating groups of people is your business, you probably have a good handle on one of those sophisticated and expensive project management software programs.

But If you’re just an average guy or gal that just wants to get things done either in your personal or professional life, these programs are major overkill.

That’s what an enterprising programmer thought as well, so he created a simple yet powerful app to help us mere mortals get organized called Trello.

Trello is a simple app that turns your computer, smartphone or tablet into an electronic version of the old index cards on a cork board.

Whether it’s your to-do’s, random thoughts or a real project that you are trying to pull together, Trello’s simple drag and drop interface can help you make sense out of the chaos of life and it’s free!

You can attach pictures and files, web links, create checklists, use color coded labels and even drag people onto a card so you know who is responsible for that item.

If getting organized is one of your recurring goals, we think Trello is a fun and easy way to help you achieve that goal