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Original Air Date: Dec 4, 2013

Lift – Daily Motivation

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We all have bad habits we’re trying to break and know that if we could just overcome some lazy behaviors, life would be so much better!

Your friends and family can help you if you choose to include them, but if you’d like a less emotional life coach, checkout a web resource called Lift.

Lift is like having a life coach in your phone that you design and has guidance, motivation, and tracking for 100,000 different goals.

It breaks your goals down into simple habits and routines, then prompts and encourages you to take regular steps towards your desired life change.

Fitness, productivity, healthy diet change, personal relationships or just about anything you want to change is easier with the right support.

Want help remembering to drink more water? Need a nudge to remember to jump into a downward dog yoga stretch? Trying to work up to your first half-marathon? Lift can help

Lift has a web interface as well as an app for Apple or Android devices to help keep you motivated wherever you go.

If you’re looking for a Lift in your self-improvement goals, this may be your ticket

Lift website:

Lift for Android:

Lift for iPhone/iPad: