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Original Air Date: Dec 10, 2013

OK Google – voice search for your desktop

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Voice recognition has become a pretty standard feature on most smartphones because it can be so much more efficient than typing.

Whether you’re looking for a good Chinese restaurant nearby or trying to settle an argument with a Google search, it can be done quicker with your voice.

But what about when you’re sitting at your desk? Wouldn’t voice commands be more efficient there too?

That’s what some Google engineers thought sometime back, so they made it possible by adding a small microphone icon to the Google Search bar on your desktop computers.

But now, it’s even better because they’ve allowed it to be hands free with the new OK Google hotword extension.

Now when you use the Chrome browser with this extension at, all you have to do is say OK Google and then start saying what you want to search for!

It’s just like using your smartphone at your desk and it will even respond to your search with a pleasant voice itself.

Think about how useful this could be in the kitchen when your hands are full of egg batter and breadcrumbs and you need to set a timer or know how many ounces are in a cup?