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Original Air Date: Dec 12, 2013

Map Your Representatives

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OK, quick show of hands out there…how many of you know every government official that represents you?

Sure, we all know our president and congress people, but what about your state, county and city representatives?

You don’t often need to know exactly who your school superintendent or corporation commissioner is, but when an issue impacts you, knowing how to contact them becomes priority number one!

Well, now it’s really easy to know every single person that has anything to do with where you live or work with the Map Your Representatives web resource.

Simply type in your zip code and you’ll be able to lookup every representative from national, to state to county, city and even local reps if they exist.

Want to call or mail them your with your thoughts about something happening in your community?

It’s easy with Map Your Representatives because all you have to do is click on their circle and their primary contact information

And if they have official social media accounts or websites, they’ll be included in the contact section

There’s no longer any excuse for not interacting with your public officials now that Map Your Representatives is around