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Original Air Date: Dec 16, 2013


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Since we’re travel nerds too, we’re constantly scouring the web for resources that can help make travel more interesting and enjoyable.

One of the things that we all ask when someone returns from an exotic vacation is “what all did you do”?

By learning what others have done, enjoyed or wouldn’t do over again, we can be more confident in our own itineraries.

If you want the wisdom of the crowds in travel itineraries, checkout a web resource called JoGuru, that’s J O G U R

You can search itineraries by city, by the length of the trip or create your own itinerary based on what you learn from other.

You can post questions you want to ask your fellow travel junkies about an upcoming trip, search the questions that have already been asked or help another member of the community with your past travel experiences.

You can search and review trip reports from those that have been where you want to go and ask them questions about your upcoming itinerary. is an excellent new travel resource because you’ll never have to start your travel itineraries from scratch ever again!