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Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2013

Undo Send Gmail Labs

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We’ve all been there…you reply to an e-mail in a hurry and just as you click send, you realize that you hit reply all or said something that you already regret saying.

Most of us sit in terror as we begin trying to figure out how to explain what we just did, but if you use Gmail, you can add a feature that will give you a small safety valve when this happens.

Undo Send is one of the options available in the Gmail Labs section in Gmail’s settings and it’s really easy to turn on.

Just click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of Gmail and select Settings, then click on the Labs heading at the top.

Once you’re in the Gmail Labs section, scroll down to the Undo Send option and click the Enable button.

While you’re there, click the General heading which is the first one at the top and change the Undo Send setting from 10 seconds to 30 seconds then scroll down to the bottom and click save changes.

Now the next time you make a typo or regret sending a message, you can undo the action by clicking on the Undo Send option at the top of Gmail.