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Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2014

Unique keyboard for mobile devices

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The Consumer Electronics Show is always a great place to find unusual technology and accessories and this year’s show was no exception.

If you often find yourself trying to be productive on your smartphone or tablet but you just can’t type fast enough, a company called TrewGrip may have an unusual solution for you.

It’s a handheld rear type QWERTY keyboard that’s split in half and looks kind of like a formula one steering wheel that came off.

It comes with a universal mobile dock that uses a suction mount for your mobile device and it connects via Bluetooth.

There are navigation keys on the front to move cursors around or to control your apps and software programs.

It’s also able to become the keyboard for a computer or some smart TVs so it can go beyond your mobile devices.

As with any new typing interface, you’ll have to get used to this new interface, but it could make you more productive when you’re forced to use an on-screen keyboard.