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Original Air Date: Jan 20, 2014

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One of the great uses for your social networks is when you have a question about something that you’d like to get your friends input on.

Whether it’s a purchasing decision, product review, travel destination or health related question, asking your trusted friends is something we tend to do both online and offline.

Most of us turn to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to ask a question, but one of the co-founders of Twitter is hoping you’ll try something new called Jelly.

Jelly has a simple interface that allows you to post an image and ask a question, which can be answered by those folks that you are already connected to on Facebook and Twitter.

Jelly is currently a mobile only platform for both Android and iOS devices so there’s a 240 character limit to anything you post.

When someone answers your question, you’ll get an alert on your mobile device so you can gather the wisdom of the crowds.

If you want to help others with their questions, simply flick through your networks questions and add your two cents.

It’s a brand new social network that’s hoping to break through, so if you have a question about anything, give it try!