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Original Air Date: Jan 10, 2013

CES Flexible Smartphone Screens

Smartphones are great, until you drop them, and if you’re wearing those skin tight jeans, good luck sitting down with one in your back pocket.

It’s time to Listen, Laugh and Learn with this Data Doctors Consumer Electronics Show Tech Tip.

While these compact computing devices have made life more convenient, the price of convenience can sometimes be overwhelming.

Manufacturers cover things under warranty like defects, but if you're smartphone takes a dive a couple of days after you buy it, it's screen replacement time and that can get pricey.

Now Samsung thinks they have the solution, and you could start seeing it on your next smartphone.

Samsung has developed a flexible smartphone screen. No, we're not talking about something that has a little give and bounce back when it hits the floor.

We're talking a fully arched, twisted, distorted and totally bendable screen, that springs back to flat from any position.

Because they are bendable, less breakable, lighter, thinner, and more energy-efficient, they will unleash a wave a new designs in mobile devices -- lots of things that haven't even been imagined yet, as well as designs that weren't possible until the right technologies and materials were available.

Keep your eyes open for them in the very near future.