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Original Air Date: Feb 7, 2014


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It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip!

So many legal documents or registration forms come to us as PDF files these days because it’s a universal file format.

But when someone sends you a PDF form to fill out, do you find yourself printing it, filling it out by hand and scanning it back into your computer just so you can return it?

Or have you ever been sent a form to fill out that had lines so small that writing in the allotted space is nearly impossible?

Wouldn't it be great if you could just type into the PDF instead? Well you can with a resource called

PDFzen is an online resource so there’s no software to install or configure. Just upload any PDF form and you can instantly type into it, highlight text, draw or sign the document and even add comments all right from your web browser.

It can even be used on your smartphone or tablet and there’s no sign up or registration required to get started.

PDFzen, yet another bookmark worthy tip from the Data Doctors!