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Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2013

Hide Unused Apps

It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip.

When you buy apps in the AppStore or download the free ones to your phone, your intent is usually the same. You think, wow, what a great app. I can use this thing every single day.

The reality is very different. Many of us find an app, use it once or twice and then it gets back burnered, never to be used again.

So why do you continue to waste your time updating these apps? That’s because by default, app makers assume you want the latest version of the app at all times.

Here’s a better solution, if you don’t use it, delete it. But if you might use it again, just not today... hide it. Here’s how.

Open up iTunes on your Mac or PC and sign in. From the top navigation bar in the iTunes Store, look for the Quick Links and click on Purchased.

Now, select the content you want to hide, in this case apps. Hover over the app, and click the X. This will hide the app.

You can always go back in anytime, and see any apps you’ve hidden so you can make them visible again.