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Original Air Date: Apr 3, 2014

Food photography

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Food photography has become a social media phenomenon that most people either love or hate.

If you’re on the love side of the equation, there are a few things you should keep in mind, especially when you’re in a restaurant.

The first is to turn off your flash...not only is it a distraction to your fellow diners, it’s going to ruin the actual colors of the food and make it look like plastic.

If you’re in a low lighting situation, turn down your screen brightness as well and use a candle to warmly light your subject.

Another potential irritant to those close by is the shutter sound every time you snap a picture, so turn that off too.

The app you use to take the picture can make a huge difference in the outcome, so instead of using your built-in camera app, checkout VSCO’s Cam app which gives you lots of editing options after you take the picture to brighten it up.

And don’t forget, you’re there to enjoy the meal, so you can wait until after you eat to post your pictures.

The link to VSCO’s Cam app is posted at