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Original Air Date: Apr 9, 2014

Crowdsource a new name

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The next time you have a new project that requires some creative thought to come up with the right name or slogan, remember this tip.

A website called is a crowdsourced naming service designed to help you come up with a cool domain name , product name or slogan for just about anything.

Tap into the imagination of thousands of creative people around the Internet by posting a detailed brief of what you’re trying to convey and whether you need the name to be an available website domain.

You can dictate the maximum number of letters or words and any words you don’t want used in the name, like a word that a competitor already uses for instance.

The reward you pay for coming up with a name for your project starts at a measly $50 and the average order will get hundreds of suggestions.

You can give feedback to the contributors to shape the suggestions and when you feel like you’ve got a great new name, pick a winner for your project!

Got something that you’ve been struggling to come up with a name for?