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Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2014


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Reality shows that incorporate some form of makeover seem to be all the rage, but most of us would rather not become a national spectacle while doing so.

If you’ve ever thought about some radical new hairdo, a complete change of makeup or want see what you’d look like with blue contact lenses, have I got a site for you!, that’s spelled T A A has an amazing virtual makeover system that’s simple to use and generates amazing results in minutes.

Simply upload a picture of yourself and start experimenting with your skin, lips, eyes, hair and even accessories.

If you’ve always thought that a certain celebrity had the look that you want to emulate, you can get their complete look on your face with the click of a button.

There are even Halloween ideas so you can see what you would look like as the Mad Hatter, a character from Avatar or see which Lady Gaga look fits you best.

While this site is clearly setup to assist women in making decisions on specific brands of makeup, you fellas can use it for more subtle makeovers too.