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Original Air Date: May 14, 2014

Heartbleed Warning

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The Heartbleed bug was one of the worst vulnerabilities in history because it impacted virtually every user of the Internet. Over a half a million websites were exposed to this major security flaw.

This coding error was discovered to have been in existence since 2011 so that means malicious access to your usernames and passwords has been possible for that long.

Based on this discovery, you heard from every corner of the Internet that you should change the passwords for all your online accounts in order to protect yourself.

Well a recent survey by the PEW Research Center revealed that less than 40% of Internet users actually took the time to secure their online accounts.

If you’re one of those that didn’t make any changes, what you need to understand is that your compromised data will be sold around the Internet for years.

Just because nothing happened to you in the wake of the discovery does not mean nothing will happen to you down the road.

The only way to ensure you never get bitten by the Heartbleed bug is to change your online passwords now.

If you’re looking for guidance on password management, I’ve posted a link at