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Original Air Date: May 16, 2014

Magisto Video

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Today’s tip is perfect for anyone that’s always dreamed of creating cool movies but never got past the point of just shooting the video.

Video editing is complicated and expensive if you want to do it at a professional level, but for you weekend wannabes, there’s a free tool that will make you look like a video editing wizard in a snap.

It’s called Magisto and it’s aptly names because it’s magically spectacular even if you’ve never attempted to edit anything in your life.

With Magisto, you simply pick the videos and pictures you want to work with, select an editing style and a soundtrack and your movie is automagically created for you! That’s it; that’s all you as the human has to do to create an impressively beautiful video.

Once the auto editing is complete, it gets posted to a Magisto page where you can share it via social media, e-mail or download it so that is lives on your own hard drive.

There’s also an app for iPhone, Android and Amazon devices so you can make magnificent movies on the go.

Magisto is the tool that all you movie making wannabes have been waiting for; check it out at