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Original Air Date: May 23, 2014

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Instagram is becoming one of the more popular social networks with more than 200,000 million users that like the simplicity of just posting pictures.

The easy to use filters allow anyone to get creative with their pictures, which is adding to the popularity of the network.

At the moment, Instagram has no ability for you to schedule your posts, so you end up either mass posting pictures, which can turn your followers off, or you forget to post at all.

If you are a business that’s trying to engage with Instagram followers, overposting or underposting can be a big problem.

If you’d like to spread your Instagram posts around, you can get some help from an app called Latergram which is only currently available for iPhone and iPad users.

Latergram allows you to choose images, add a caption and attach them to a schedule so you can post it when the time comes.

To fight spammers, Instagram is very strict about third party posting services so Latergram will send the scheduled image with the caption to your phone so all you have to do is tap a button to post it.

It’s not perfect, but it is free and better than trying to remember on your own.