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Original Air Date: Jun 17, 2014


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I’m a huge fan of sunrises and sunsets and I’m sure I’ve taken over a thousand shots as they never get old for me.

One problem with capturing the sunset and anything in the foreground is that the camera can only set the exposure for one or the other.

So you either end up with dark silhouettes or a washed out sunset because the light is so different for each object.

That’s why so many camera’s now have an HDR setting, which stands for High Dynamic Range, so you can get the light right in these situations.

The HDR setting essentially takes two pictures in succession, one that focuses on the backlight and one that focuses on the foreground and combines the two.

If you take a lot of these types of shots, a professional photographer introduced me to an amazing app called Pro HDR that’s the best.

Not only does it do a better job on each image, it gives you lots of adjustment options before you save the shot.

The links to both iPhone and Android versions of Pro HDR are posted at