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Original Air Date: Jul 11, 2014

Hybrid Hard Drives

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Often times, when a computer starts to run slow, most people assume that it’s time to buy a new computer.

Unless your computer’s really old, there may be a less expensive way to get it running like it’s new again.

It’s called a Hybrid hard drive and it’s probably one of the best kept secrets in the tech business.

You see, there are three major components that determine how fast your computer will run: the processor, the RAM and the hard drive.

Your hard drive is the biggest bottleneck in most cases and opening up that bottleneck can have a dramatic impact on performance.

And it costs a lot less than buying a new computer.

Hybrid hard drives combine a super fast Solid State memory circuit with a traditional hard drive and they store the stuff you use the most on the faster portion.

An added bonus is that your old drive can be turned into a backup drive by putting it into an external enclosure.

Before you replace that old computer, check to see if a hybrid hard drive can bring it back to life and save you money.