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Original Air Date: Jul 25, 2014

Mixology app

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Craft cocktails are all the rage these days, but having them made at your local watering hole can get pretty expensive.

If you’d prefer to avoid hipster hangouts and save some money, why not learn how to make them yourself?

You can buy lots of books that will provide you with recipes, but a better way to go is with the huge database in the Mixology app.

You start by telling the app what liquor and mixers you have so you can get recipes for the ingredients you have on hand.

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a new drink recipe only to realize that you’ll have to run to the store if you want to make it!

You can get totally random suggestions or pick a specific liquor as a base to get lots of great suggestions.

The database goes way beyond simple cocktails; learn how to make specialty shots, punches, hot drinks, and even non-alcoholic drinks for the designated drivers at your party.

Mixology also has a complete bartender's guide and is a free app for both iPhone and Android users.

It’s a handy resource for extending your mixology skills!