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Original Air Date: Aug 1, 2014

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If you’re a runner, jogger, walker or cyclist you know how much weather can impact your workouts and performance.

Environmental conditions such as air quality, humidity, temperature, wind, precipitation, cloud cover and rain can all determine the quality of your workouts.

With this in mind, the Weather Channel has created an interesting app called Outsider that is designed to help runners by tracking all of these environmental conditions.

The app creates a Run Weather Index and displays both a 48 hour and 10 day forecast along with the index so you have better data to plan your outdoor workouts.

You can also use the app for tracking your workouts, the routes you take, play music and track your stride using the GPS and motion sensor in your phone.

At the moment, the app is free but only available for the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the motion sensing features optimized for the iPhone 5.

If you’re an avid hiker, this app can really help you make sure you’re picking the best day to take on that monster challenge.

If you want to checkout this great planning tool, the link is posted at