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Original Air Date: Jan 28, 2013

Pick The Best Cell Phone Service

Hey Spanky, how many times has a friend asked you who’s the best cell phone company in the area?

It happens at least twice a month, and my answer is always the same... I don’t know!

It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip.

People whose contracts are almost up, start asking friends if they’re happy with their provider.

The problem is, you don’t live or work near your friend, so what works for you, might not work for them.

Next time someone asks, tell them about a website and app we use called Root Metrics.

Root Metrics shows you data compiled by actual users in your area. It tells you where the weak calling areas are, the best data areas and clearly shows you who is winning and losing in service.

A quick look at the coverage maps in your area helps you determine the best carrier for you, not your friend on the other side of the city or country.

For example, If you live in the Washington DC area, Verizon is your clear winner for calls, data and text. But if you’re in Phoenix, those are split over 3 different networks, this lets you dig in to results before you sign a new contract.

If you download the Android or iPhone app, you too can start to contribute to the data, providing higher and higher accuracy over time. The app is free and the information, invaluable.