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Original Air Date: Aug 19, 2014

EyeFi cards

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One of the great things about taking pictures with our smartphones is that most of them can automatically push the pictures up to a cloud service by themselves.

But smartphones don’t do a great job in low lighting and they lack optical zoom, so sometimes a real digital camera is a better choice.

Some digital cameras now come with built-in wifi so you can push images directly from the camera, but most don’t.

An inexpensive way to add wifi capabilities to an older digital camera is with the EyeFi Mobi wireless SD card, which has been around for years but is still relatively unknown by non-technical folks.

A recent update to the line added an unlimited cloud storage option called Eyefi Cloud for $49 a year.

This seamless photo storage service can essentially give your traditional digital camera the same auto upload capabilities your smartphone has.

It also works with other cloud storage services such as DropBox or can push them to a Mac or Windows computer.

You can check out the various cards, which cameras they work in and where to buy them at, that’s E Y E F