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Original Air Date: Aug 26, 2014


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We all take lots of individual pictures, but generally way too many to share, so most of them end up filed away on our computers.

One way to share lots of photos with your social networks is to create slideshows, which are pretty easy to do.

The next time you have a large number of pictures from a wedding, child’s performance or any other special event, make a movie out of them.

One of my favorite tools for generating creative presentations in just a few minutes is called Slidely.

Slidely works with lots of online accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr and Dropbox or you can upload pictures from your computer.

It allows up to 90 images and gives you a library of great songs to add as a music bed.

You can choose music from lots of great artists or theme songs from movies and TV or upload your own music to maximize the impact.

If you already have albums setup on Facebook, you can create an animated keepsake in a matter of minutes.

It’s much easier to use than most; try it for yourself at