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Original Air Date: Sep 15, 2014

iPhone 6

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Now that we know the specs of the new iPhones, the question is should you buy one?

If you’re an Apple fanatic and early adopter, you’ve already made up your mind. If you’re an Android user, you’re probably chuckling over the hype.

If you have an older iPhone, upgrading to a newer model probably makes more sense then if you have an iPhone 5s.

Bigger screens with higher resolution, better cameras, faster graphics and faster processors are all improvements in the iPhone 6.

but if the latest and greatest isn’t that important to you, Apple dropped the price of the iPhone 5c to 99 cents and the 5s to 99 dollars with a two-year contract.

The larger screens on the new iPhones are finally here, but remember that may require you to use two hands, so give it a test before you decide.

If you were thinking about getting an iPad mini and you’re eligible for an upgrade, the iPhone 6 Plus might save you big bucks because it’s like combining a phone and a tablet.

Lots to think about! Tomorrow, I’ll discuss the new Apple Pay service