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Original Air Date: Oct 7, 2014

Locking down your desktop

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If you work in an office full of cubicles, I refer to it as a cube farm, your computer can be accessed by just about anyone when you step away from your desk.

If you work with a bunch of pranksters, this can become a bit of an annoyance if you don’t remember to lock down your desktop before you leave.

Getting in the habit of using a keyboard shortcut before you step away, can save you lots of grief and keep snooping eyes off your work.

If you’re using a Windows desktop, just hold the Windows Icon key down and tap the letter L for lock.

If you using a Mac, holding down Control+Shift+ Eject at the same time will do the trick.

If you have a Mac that doesn’t have the Eject key, use Control+Shift+Power to lock it down.

All of this is predicated on having a login password setup, which is generally the standard operating procedure at a business.

Mom and dad, you can use this process at home too if you want to prevent a child from using your profile without permission.