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Original Air Date: Oct 28, 2014

Google Inbox

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Managing your e-mail is likely to be one of the biggest tasks you deal with on a daily basis.

Lots of companies have tried to find new ways to better manage the inflow, but you have to think they way they do in order to make use of the tools.

Now you can add Google to the long list as they are currently rolling out a new option called Inbox.

If you’re a Gmail wizard, you probably won’t have much interest in this new tool, but if you pretty much let your e-mail manage you, Inbox may be of value.

Inbox will automatically bundle things like promos, purchases and travel in their own silos and provide highlights so you don’t have to actually open a message to get the info you seek.

You’ll also see reminders integrated with your messages as well as a snooze feature for both messages and reminders among other features.

Inbox is currently available on an invitation only basis. You can learn more and request an invitation at