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Original Air Date: Nov 13, 2014

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If you’re a really small business that needs to occasionally invoice your customers, you’ve probably found that most of the options available are either too complex or too expensive.

Creating invoices, estimates and purchase orders shouldn’t be rocket science and a company called Invoice2go may be a good fit for micro businesses.

The platform works on phones, tablets and computers and syncs all your documents across all your devices.

You can create customized invoices with your logo or create a logo if you don’t have one for a professional presentation.

The system can also help you track your receivables, expenses, time on a job and allows customers to sign estimated and invoices right on your mobile devices.

You can use the free trial version and create up to 3 invoices to test the system out. If you like what you see, it starts at $49 a year for up to 100 invoices.

It works on both Android and iOS devices; if you want more info, go to, that’s Invoice the number 2