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Original Air Date: Nov 20, 2014

Comparison shop on desktop and mobile

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Have you noticed that some advertisers on the Internet seem to follow you around no matter where you go?

It’s called retargeting and its one of many technologies that the digital advertising community uses to make decisions about what we see.

Personalized content can also extend to the prices we see when we’re shopping online, according to researchers at Northeastern University.

They recently analyzed how sites customize pricing based on a wide variety of items that ranges from our location to what type of device we are using.

Though some of the methods have been challenged by the industry, what’s clear is that pricing can change depending upon how you interact with a site.

I know I’ve gotten different pricing results on occasion when searching from my computer versus my smartphone.

Ever since then, I’ve always double-checked just about any major online purchase by using both my computer and my smartphone to get pricing, especially when it comes to travel related sites.

It’s rare to see major differences, but for me, it’s worth the extra time.