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Original Air Date: Nov 28, 2014

Convert old speakers into wireless bluetooth speak

I had someone ask me a question that sounded strange at first, but then it made sense after I thought about it.

He asked me if I knew of any way to add Bluetooth connectivity to older non-Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth enable speakers are fairly inexpensive, but the cheap ones don’t sound very good.

So if you have spare computer speakers that sound decent or want to stream music to your home audio system from your smartphone or tablet, check Logitech’s Wireless Speaker Adapter.

It’s a pretty simple to setup device that’s about the size of streaming media boxes like Roku or Apple TV that has both 3.5mm and RCA connectors.

The speakers that you use must be powered or connected to an amplifier and you’ll need to plug the Bluetooth adapter into AC power.

At $40, its a pretty inexpensive way to stream music from your mobile device to just about any speaker system you own.

I’ve posted the direct link at