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Original Air Date: Dec 30, 2014

iPhone battery drain issues

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Anyone with an iPhone knows about the ongoing challenge of maximizing battery life while still making use of all the great features and apps.

One of the tips for extending battery life that’s been circulating for years is to close background apps, but that may actually be costing you battery life.

By default, iPhone apps in the background aren’t allowed to run, so they’re only taking up working memory, which is automatically managed by the phone.

For apps you use frequently, relaunching them every time requires more energy than switching back to them if they are in the background.

What you can do is disable location and background refresh settings on battery killing apps like Facebook.

These tips and other nuggets of knowledge have been posted by a former Apple Store Genius Bar employee and self proclaimed nerd, Scotty Loveless.

If you’re really looking to squeeze the most out of your iPhone battery, it’s worth reading through what this iPhone nerd has discovered from working with hundreds of users.

The link is at