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Original Air Date: Jan 14, 2015

Go Wallet

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The holiday season is over and the longer you’ve been on this planet, the more likely you’ll end up with some excess cards!

This ubiquitous holiday gift is always appreciated but often lost or forgotten, once the eggnog runs out.

That’s where an app called GoWallet can come to the rescue.

Instead of stuffing all those gift cards into your wallet or purse, snap a picture of them with the GoWallet app so you can easily keep track of them all.

In many cases, the merchant can scan the electronic record of the gift card right from the app, so you can redeem them without having to carry them all around.

If you really don’t want the gift card, you can exchange it for an Amazon gift card at a reduced price so it won’t go to waste.

Gift cards are great, but keeping track of them and knowing what you balance is can be a real hassle without some help.

GoWallet is available for iPhone and Android users and it’s free to use.