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Original Air Date: Jan 22, 2015

Bellabeat Shell

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Baby monitors are a pretty common sight in most homes these days, but a baby monitor that monitors before and after the child is born is pretty unique.

The Bellabeat Shell is a small round monitor that can let you listen to the baby’s heartbeat, track its movements and play music for your baby during pregnancy.

The associated app allows you to easily record the sounds and share them with friends and family too.

Think of it as a Fitbit for pregnant ladies that becomes even more when your baby arrives.

After the child is born, the Shell becomes a full fledged baby monitor that can analyze 7 different cries as well as monitor the temperature and humidity in the nursery.

It can play white noise to help your baby go to sleep and tracks all the activity during the night, so you can understand your child’s sleep patterns.

This stylish wooden ball is currently sold out, with a projected price of $119 but you can get on the list at