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Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2013

Tune Wiki

There's a bathroom on the right.

Spanky... what are you singing? Those aren't the words. It’s time for another Data Doctors Tech Tip.

If you’re like me, you like to sing along to your favorite songs... but, you don’t always know all the words. So, you make it up as you go along.

There’s an app for that, and if you’re a music lover, you’re going to love it. The app is Tune Wiki, and it turns your iPhone, Android, or tablet into a portable Karaoke machine. What? Really? YES!

Once you install the Tune Wiki app, it will look at all the music on your device or that you have stored in the cloud, then as the songs play, the lyrics come alive.

The Tune Wiki app, keeps the lyrics in sync while the song is playing. Now you can sing along and not botch the words.

There’s a bad moon on the rise? Really? All these years I thought it was a bathroom on the right.. who knew?

So next time you’re having a get together with friends, or you’re playing a music trivia game, bust out Tune Wiki and know what you’re singing.

So now I come to you... with broken arms.