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Original Air Date: Feb 11, 2015

Online Backup

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In my years of helping others with their technology, one constant issue seems to exist; everyone knows that they should be backing up their data, but they just never seem to get around to it.

If you’re one of the millions that have this critical task on their to-do list, but just can’t seem to get around to it, this may help.

The threat of ransomware, which is when sophisticated hackers gain access to your computer and lock down your data, including your backup drive is getting worse.

The latest versions are capable of spreading themselves in ways never seen before.

If you get hit by this attack and don’t have a secured off-site backup, your choices are to lose everything or pay hundred dollars to get your pictures, videos and sensitive documents back.

Online backup services like Carbonite are one of the best ways to avoid having to pay the ransom, because they aren’t connected to your computer when you get attacked.

Consider this a wake up call, if you don’t have a secure backup in place!