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Original Air Date: Apr 15, 2015

Ampere App

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Have you ever noticed that some chargers seem to take longer to charge your phone then others?

Well, you’re not imagining things because the output current of the charger known as amperage or bad cables will make a big difference.

The lower the amperage, the longer it’ll take to charge your battery.

It’s always best to use the charger that came with your device, but if that’s not possible, using chargers with the same amperage rating is always recommended.

Usually, you need a special piece of equipment to measure the output current, but if you have an Android device, there’s an app called Ampere that’ll make it easy to see the differences in your various chargers and cables.

Ampere monitors battery charge and drainage as well as temperature and overall health of your battery.

Opening the app and using your various chargers and cables will quickly show you the combinations that will do the best job.

The Ampere app is free and available in the Google Play store