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Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2015

It’s OK to write passwords down

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Passwords continue to be the weakest link in cybersecurity and you’ve heard me talk extensively about why it’s important to use a different password for each online account.

I’ve given you lots of suggestions for password management tools, but for some, it’s still overwhelming.

Well, I have a low tech suggestion if you’re still struggling with keeping track of your passwords; write them down!

Now I don’t mean write them on a sticky note and put it on your display, I mean write them down and store them somewhere safe, like buried deep on your phone.

The key is not to use “password” anywhere in the description and use your own form of encryption just in case someone discovers the file.

For instance, add four random characters or numbers to the beginning of the actual password, so only you will know to ignore them.

If you have to choose between using the same password everywhere and writing unique passwords down, then write them down so you’re whole life isn’t exposed by one data breach.