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Original Air Date: May 7, 2015

Citizenme App

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The TOS or Terms Of Service is something you’re presented with every time you install an app or sign up for an online service.

Unless you’re a digital rights attorney, you probably do what most people do; next, next, next, I agree.

But wouldn’t it be great to really understand what you’re agreeing to?

That’s what an iPhone app called CitizenMe is trying to offer; clarity and oversight into all of the terms and conditions that you’ve agreed to.

The app uses a traffic light system to highlight what it feels are good, questionable or bad points within the Terms of Service.

The app also tries to track them and alert you when it detects that changes have been made.

You can contribute to the community by voting whether you agree or disagree with a specific rating by the app.

It also offers to give you insight into your online personality as it may be perceived by others.

iPhone users can get the app at