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Original Air Date: May 13, 2015

Travel Butler App

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Yesterday, I told you about the PackPoint app that helps you stay organized when packing for a trip.

Today, I wanted to introduce you to the Travel Butler app, which can be really helpful when you’re traveling to unfamiliar cities or countries.

Just like PackPoint, it creates a packing list based on your destination and the weather, but adds in two additional suggestions: where to eat and what to see.

Travel Butler integrates with Foursquare to find popular places that trending on the social network, so it’s like using crowdsourcing to find fun and unique to visit.

Once you set your destination and length of stay, it creates a packing list and creates categories for activities for once you get there like tours, sightseeing, restaurants, bars and cafes.

It also monitors the weather so it can update you on the latest weather forecasts just before you leave for your trip.

Travel Butler is free, but currently only available to iPhone and iPad users via Apple’s App Store.